Safebox Movers

Moving a heavy safety deposit box is not an easy task, and without proper equipment, you risk injuring yourself.


We have successfully moved several types of saves, including and not limited to fireproof cabinets, freestanding security metal safe, gun safe, and cash deposit safe.

We will conduct a site survey, to first identify the best way to move the safe, and guide our customers on the best way to prepare the safe for moving. With an emphasis on safety, our team follows an SOP to move, load and install the box securely and carefully. We ensure that your safe is transported to the desired location without damaging your tile or wooden flooring.

This is our personal guarantee, that no harm is done to your premises while we do our job.

​Our Process :

Take Measurements > Take Note of All Staircases > Clear and Lock the Safe > Clear our Pathways

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Give a better price and fast services

We assure you a reliable shifting, where we not only pack your belongings but make sure to deliver it safe and well organized. We provide an uncomplicated and quick unpacking at the destination, which saves our clients a lot of time and energy.

  • Site visit and relocation planning
  • Full wrapping & unwrapping
  • Provision of boxes and packing materials
  • Handling of fragile items
  • Transport of item using lorry
  • Dismantle and fixing furniture